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The Polo Public Library’s Policy for Access to Electronic Information Networks is part of the library’s overall policy structure.

Most resources available via the Internet and other electronic information networks are “global” resources rather than “local” resources. The library does not and cannot control the information content available through global resources such as information obtained from outside sources via the Internet. Internet resources enhance and supplement resources that are available locally within a library. Library customers must be aware that this library does not exercise control over information obtained via the Internet and must keep in mind the following points when evaluating information obtained via the Internet:

  1. Information obtained via the Internet may or may not be reliable and may or may not be obtained from a reliable source.
  2. Information obtained via the Internet may or may not be accurate.
  3. Information obtained via the Internet may or may not be current and up to date.
  4. Links to information on the Internet may not always be valid, and particular information sites on the Internet may sometimes be unavailable, and this unavailability often occurs unpredictably.
  5. Certain information obtained via the Internet may be considered controversial by some library customers.
The Polo Public Library urges library customers to be informed consumers and carefully evaluate information obtained via the Internet. Library staff may be available to assist customers in making judgments about the reliability or currency of certain types of Internet information sources, but are unable to provide definitive analysis of particular sources due to the extremely large variety and volume of information available via the Internet.
  • The library is not responsible for damages, indirect or direct, arising from a library customer’s use of Internet information resources.
  • Library customers have the right to confidentiality and privacy in the use of electronic information networks to the extent possible given certain constraints, such as proximity of other customers and staff in public access settings.
  • Library customers have the right to equitable access to electronic information networks.
  • Library customers have the right to access and read all library service policies and discuss questions with appropriate library staff.
The Polo Public Library’s staff may provide assistance to customers in the use of electronic information networks as time and staff knowledge permits. Formal instruction in particular aspects of electronic information network use may be available.

The Polo Public Library requires that library customers using electronic information networks such as the Internet do so within the guidelines of acceptable use. The following activities are unacceptable:
  1. Use of electronic information networks for any purpose which results in the harassment of other users.
  2. Destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized alteration of the library’s computer equipment software or network security procedures.
  3. Use of electronic information networks in any way which violates a Federal or State law.
  4. Use of electronic information networks in any way which violates licensing and payment agreements between Polo Public Library District and network/database providers.
  5. Unauthorized duplication of copy-protected software or violation of software license agreements.
  6. Violation of system security.
  7. Behaving in a manner that is disruptive to other users, including but not limited to overuse of computer equipment which serves to deny access to other users.
The library has developed certain procedures to assist staff and customers in the use of electronic information resources. These procedures include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:
  1. Time limits for access to allow use of resources by the maximum number of library patrons.
  2. Cost recovery for printouts using the library’s computer equipment.
  3. Priority usage for accessing the library’s online catalog.
  4. Specific instructions for downloading including compliance with virus protection measures.
  5. Restrictions on the use of personal software on library computer equipment.
  6. A registration and use agreement form which must be completed prior to usage.
The Polo Public Library supports the right of all library users to access information and will not deny access to electronic information networks based solely on age.

This library recognizes that the electronic information networks such as the Internet may contain material that is inappropriate for children. Parents are expected to monitor and supervise their children’s use of the Internet. Library staff is unable to monitor children’s use. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children issues of appropriate use and electronic information network safety.

Violation of any aspect of this policy may result in the loss of library privileges. Final decisions regarding use of library computers are the discretion of the director or the director’s designee.

The Library reserves the right to photograph and digitally record participants of Library programs and events. Those images may be published in publicity materials such as newspaper articles, the Library’s website, social media pages, and/or additional uses the Library deems necessary. The Library does not tag photos on social media and does not identify children in photographs. Please notify Library staff if you do not wish your image to be published.

Approved April 14, 2015

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are in the Polo Public Library. The Polo Public Library District staff is committed to help children with activities related to the Library. However, Library staff cannot, nor is it their responsibility to serve as baby-sitters, teachers, or disciplinarians. Violations of this policy are grounds for suspension of library privileges. Whenever advisable, the Polo Public Library will notify the parent of incidents involving an unattended child.

Children under the age of eight must be accompanied and directly supervised at all times by a parent or other responsible caregiver. When the safety of an unattended child is in doubt, or the parent or responsible caregiver cannot be located, or if the Polo Public Library is closing, Polo Public Library staff is authorized to call the police and stay with the child until the police arrive.

From time to time, the Polo Public Library District schedules or provides programs which are designed and suitable for attendance by children without parental supervision. Such program announcements will so indicate, and if no indication is included, then supervision is required. When so indicated, if the parent or caregiver intends to be absent, they must leave word at the circulation desk as to their whereabouts and, if possible, a phone number where they or a responsible adult can be contacted.

Children over the age of eight may use the Polo Public Library unattended by an adult, subject to other Polo Public Library rules and policies concerning behavior, conduct, and demeanor.

Adopted July 8, 2008

After Hours

In the event a young person is still at the Polo Public Library 15 minutes after the library closes to the public, the police will be called to pick up the young person. Attempts will be made during that 15 minutes to reach parents, but in no instance will staff take young people home.

If a patron is creating a disturbance or causing problems in the Polo Public Library, the library staff has the authority or right to tell that patron to leave the library. If that patron refuses to comply and continues to cause problems, the police can then be contacted to escort that patron from the Polo Public Library.

Depending on the severity of the behavior the patron may be barred from the library premises for a length of time to be determined at the Director’s discretion.

Adopted July 8, 2008
Revised January 11, 2011

Library Cards

Library cards will be issued by the Polo Public Library to persons living within the library district, which is Buffalo Township, upon presentation of proof of residence in the district. Cards will be issued to children age 5 through 17 residing in the library district with the signature of a parent or legal guardian. The child must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian with whom they reside and who meets the residency requirement. Proof of residence will show a current address within the library district and may be established with:

  • Valid driver’s license or other state issued picture ID If address is not current the photo ID and one of the following must be provided:
  • Checkbook
  • Official piece of mail
  • Car registration
  • Current utility bill
  • Lease agreement
  • Property deed
  • Current property tax bill
Application forms must be completed and signed in person and verified by a library staff member. Library cards are valid for three years from the date of issuance.

Non-Resident Polo Public Library Card

Polo Public Library provides an annual library card for purchase by people living outside the library’s jurisdictional boundaries and within the Polo School District. Non-resident cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Family members must complete applications in person. Individual cards may be issued upon request. Applicants must provide a picture ID with current address. This non-resident card shall entitle the cardholder to all services provided by the Polo Public Library, including reciprocal borrowing. The fee shall be determined by using the general mathematical formula as provided by Illinois State Library.

Non-Resident Property Owner’s Card

Persons who do not live within the library district but who own or pay real estate tax for property located within the boundaries of the library district may obtain a library card at no charge upon producing a current itemized tax bill for that property and valid picture identification. Only one card will be issued per tax bill. These cards are valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Library Staff Card

A Polo Public Library card may be issued to staff members who reside outside the library district. These cards are issued for one year. The card will be cancelled when the staff member leaves the library’s employment.

Renewal of Library Card

To renew a Polo Public Library card, a patron must fulfill the necessary requirements to obtain an original library card. All fines and fees must be paid before a card can be renewed.

Lost or Stolen Library Card

Lost or stolen Polo Public Library cards must be immediately reported to the library. The cardholder is responsible for materials checked out on that card if the card is reported lost or stolen to the Polo Public Library. A fee will be charged for the replacement of a lost or stolen card.

Confidentiality of Records

All records in the Polo Public Library relating to patron registration and circulation of materials are considered to be confidential in nature in accordance with the Library Records Confidentiality Act (75 ILCS 70). The contents of registration and circulation records shall not be made available to anyone except authorized library personnel or as required by law. Only authorized library staff may provide information about overdue and lost materials to a minor’s parent or legal guardian. Notices and bills are sent by postal mail and/or e-mail. The Library will make a good faith effort to maintain confidentiality.

Responsibilities of Borrower

Cardholders are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card and must agree to abide by the lending rules and all policies and regulations for the Polo Public Library. It is the responsibility of the cardholder or the parent or legal guardian of a cardholder age 17 and under to notify the Library if the card is lost or stolen. The cardholder is responsible for all materials checked out on their card until such time as the card is reported lost or stolen. The parent or legal guardian of a cardholder age 17 and under is responsible for the child’s selection of materials. It is the responsibility of the cardholder or the parent or legal guardian of a cardholder age 17 and under to notify the Library of any change of address, e-mail address or telephone number.

Circulation of Material

Materials from the Library’s circulating collection may be borrowed by valid library cardholders in accordance with the Library’s policies and procedures. Valid library cardholders include: Polo Public Library cardholders and those from other libraries having reciprocal borrowing privileges. Polo Public Library is a member of the Illinois Library System and participates in reciprocal borrowing as defined by the Illinois State Library. Cardholders must present their library cards in order to check out materials. Children age 17 and under holding Polo Public Library cards will be allowed to check out materials without a card if they can provide their name, address and telephone number. Patrons from other libraries must present a valid library card and supporting photo identification, if requested. The card presented must be in good standing and clear of any outstanding fines, overdue materials and blocks. Materials have specified loan periods and must be returned on time and in good condition. Loan periods are defined in the circulation manual.

Picking Up Another Cardholder’s Materials

The person picking up the materials must be able to present the library card of the person for whom the hold has been placed. The Library will presume issues of confidentiality are released if one cardholder allows someone else access to his/her card. In addition, the cardholder will accept responsibility for all materials checked out on his/her card while in the possession of another person.

Overdue Material

Materials held by a cardholder beyond the date due will be considered overdue and fines will be assessed according to a schedule of fines established by the Polo Public Library Board of Trustees. Polo Public Library will make a good faith effort to notify cardholders when their items become overdue. Overdue notification is a courtesy. The Library is not responsible if the notification is not received by the cardholder. When a patron claims to have returned material which the library records show to be outstanding, library staff will make a thorough search for the material. If the material cannot be located, the item may be checked out to Claims Returned. The library director must authorize this action.

Lost and/or Damaged Material

An item is assumed lost at 35 days overdue. Library staff shall determine if an item is damaged beyond repair or use. Lost items and those damaged beyond repair are billed at the replacement cost of the item plus $5.00 processing fee. This processing fee shall cover the cost of time and supplies necessary to order, catalog and process the replacement item. The patron’s card and related privileges shall be blocked until payment is made in full. If an item is returned prior to ordering of the replacement item, the lost fee is replaced by the applicable overdue fee. Items which are of considerable value, or items which have not been returned before an individual has moved out of the area, and after which at least three attempts have been made to recover said items, shall be assumed stolen. Assumed stolen items may be reported to the police as such.

Circulation - Fees

The Polo Public Library Board of Trustees has established, in addition to the schedule for lost or damaged items, the following schedule of fines for overdue materials as well as fees for other services provided by the Polo Public Library. Overdue materials fees
  1. Books: $.10 per day, maximum of $5.00.
  2. Audiobooks: $.10 per day, maximum of $5.00.
  3. DVDs: $1.00 per day, maximum of $5.00.
  4. Videocassettes: $.50 per day, maximum of $5.00.
  5. CD-ROM: $.10 per day, maximum of $5.00.
  6. Magazines: $.10 per day, maximum of $5.00.
  7. E-Readers: $5.00 per day, maximum equal to replacement cost.

Miscellaneous Fees

  1. Copies: $.25 per page for black and white, $.50 per page for color.
  2. Fax/transmission: $1.00 per page within the continental United States, $10.00 for first page International and $1.00 each additional page.
  3. Fax/receipt: $.25 per page. The Polo Public Library assumes no responsibility of notification of the receipt of a fax for an individual. The fax will be held by the library for one week and then discarded if not picked up. No effort to notify the individual of the arrival of the fax will be made.
  4. Computer printouts: $.25 per page for black and white, $.50 per page for color. This fee applies to all material printed by library printers including, but not limited to, Internet downloads, CD-ROM product information, personal work, and graphics.
  5. Damaged DVD or CD case: $1.00 per case.
  6. Lost or stolen library card: $2.00 replacement fee.
  7. Lost or damaged items: Replacement cost plus $5.00 processing fee.

Circulation - Interlibrary Loan

When patrons want material that is not available within the Polo Public Library, they may search the library catalog, available at www.pololibrary.org If an item is not found in the catalog staff will assist in the request of interlibrary loan. Materials borrowed through interlibrary loan have a circulation period which is determined by the lending library, not Polo Public Library. We are happy to borrow materials from other libraries, but patrons must respect the date by which those materials must be returned to their home libraries. It is crucial that materials borrowed through interlibrary loan be returned in a timely manner. Habitual failure to do so may result in individual loss of the privilege.

Circulation - Length of Loan

The Polo Public Library circulates materials in a variety of formats including books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, videocassettes, compact discs and CD-ROM. The following terms of loan are applicable as indicated:
  1. Books: 2 weeks, 1 renewal
  2. Audiobooks/CD-ROM: 2 weeks, 1 renewal
  3. Movies (DVD or VHS): 1 week, 1 renewal
  4. DVDs (new): 1 week, no renewal
  5. Magazines: 1 week, 1 renewal
  6. Music (compact disc): 3 weeks, 1 renewal
  7. E-Readers: 2 weeks, no renewal

Material Renewal

Material may be renewed once by dialing 888-542-7259 as long as it has not been requested by another patron or is not designated as non-renewable. The automated system will advise if an item in not renewable. Material may also be renewed in person, online via the library catalog, or by calling the library.

The Polo Public Library has a meeting room with seating for up to 48 people. The primary purpose of this meeting room is in support of library functions, meetings, and programs. The meeting room may, on occasion, be made available for use by members of the public. Organizations not affiliated with the Polo Public Library may use the meeting room only when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The organization conducting the meeting is not doing so for the immediate or ultimate gain of a for-profit business or agency.
  2. The meeting takes place during regular library hours.
  3. The meeting cannot be expected to disrupt the ability of the library to conduct its business in a normal and orderly manner.
  4. The meeting is open to the public.
  5. The reservation for the meeting room is made by a resident of the library’s district.
  6. The organization conducting the meeting assumes all responsibility for clean up; will be responsible for reasonable care of the room and any library equipment used, and will be held responsible for any damage and the general condition of the room following use.
  7. The applicant agrees to pay for all damages done to the library premises as a result of the meeting.
Download a meeting room application.